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WE connect creativity and imagination Korede Ayanniyi, Meteora Technology

Who We Are

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Meteora Technology and Meteora Consulting are Technology and innovative global companies with expertise in providing business and technology solutions ranging from business consulting and business mentoring and advisory solutions.We started as Meteora Technology in Africa and have an expertise in providing innovative Internet Solutions to businesses, including E-commerce, web development and comprehensive Internet Marketing Solutions and General Internet Consultancy Solutions.We are now branching out as Meteora Global Consulting with a view to be a global player in the business consulting and business development industry poised to start providing advisory solutions.

Korede Ayanniyi

Business director

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Business Consultant and Marketing


ICT Solutions and Branding

WE provide innovative Internet Solutions to businesses, including E-commerce, web development and design, hosting and comprehensive Internet Marketing Solutions

Business Advisory and Business development

We offer solutions to help business owners and business entities grow by offering innovative advisory solutions.

Management Advisory and Consulting

Internal Management Consulting is a forte of our solutions and service offerings,we are positioned to offer solutions to help internal management restructure itself to be the best in organisations.

Financial Advisory and Investment

We offer a suite of financial investment services for individuals and businesses and establishments for private companies and public government institutions.

Our Works

We are pioneering a new company and movement with a reputation for commitment and high integrity.We intend to be a global brand and imrpove the fortunes for various businesses and organizations worldwide.

Our Blog

The power of Business Collaborations

Our writer, attempts to elucidiate on the power of business collaborations between individuals and business entities;

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Our Business Advisory Offer for Small Businesses

We have a new offer for our bouquet business advsiry offer for small businesses in North America and Europe,Asia

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Freebie Marketing

Discover why and how your business should embark on a freebie marketing strategy to bring more clientelle or customers

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Get access to our free downloadable content and free pdfs,reports,documents and infographs etc

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